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The Rules
Below are the rules of this board. Please familiarize yourself with and abide by them to ensure that your stay on this forum is a pleasant one. If you break any of these rules, you will receive an increase in your warning level. These rules are not intended to restrict you, but rather to provide a conducive environment where people can discuss Naruto and many other topics.

Do not post links to sites unauthorized to host licensed materials. That means no bootlegs, no fansubs and no scanlations. The basic rule here is that linking licensed material is the same as stealing - you're not paying for something that you should be paying for. Mentioning the names of sites or groups which may possess these materials is normally okay, though. The posting of entire manga pages (this includes spoiler pics) is also acceptable as long as it is a few pages and doesn't link to the whole chapter.

The Naruto and Shippuuden animes are available for free online through authorized websites. These sites include Hulu, Joost and Crunchyroll. Direct links to these authorized sites are allowed.

Post clearly and coherently. You're not helping anyone by refusing to communicate with complete words or sentences, or refusing to use capitalization and punctuation. While we understand that many people on the forum do not speak English regularly, please make an effort to post clearly - this aids effective communication.

This is an English-language forum. That said, no matter what your native language is, we still expect you to speak English on these forums at all times. Particularly frowned upon is the usage of random Japanese words or phrases.

Don't spam. That means stay on topic, and don't post without a reason to post. Spam includes one word posts which are almost always meaningless. Saying "Yeah", "I agree" or "LOL" does not facilitate discussion and thus is considered spam. The 'no spam' rule leads into the next one..

Don't post twice in a row (double posting). Here's an example. You have an edit button, use it to alter your posts instead of making another post altogether. If you accidentally double post, leave the mods a note to delete the accidental post and we'll do so.

Don't fight. Not with other members, and definitely not the staff. Any problems you have can be solved with calm and reasonable conversation. If you want to fight, nobody will come out of it happy, least of all you. This includes name-calling, homophobia, racism or other insulting comments likely to incite argument. Backtalking a staff member outside of reasonable, rational boundaries will put your warning level at risk. If you constantly harass a moderator or an administrator via backtalking, you may be facing a possible suspension or worse.

Don't post without reading through things thoroughly. There's great amount of information you can learn by checking the main site, in which the staff puts an extremely large amount of time, effort and energy into. A quick site-check could make life easier for all involved. Also, when posting in a thread, read past pages so that you aren't mentioning something already talked over.

If you want to share your site, keep it reserved to your profile or signature. Making a post advertising anything off-site will earn you an instant suspension. Clearly, if you want to advertise, there's some place you'd rather be than our forums, and so you should stay there.

Don't make multiple accounts. If you're suspended or banned, that's about the best way to make us more angry than we already are with you. If you want a name change, send a private message to one of the admins - that's the people with orange names - and ask them for help. Simply making another account will make us very frustrated with you.

Don't backseat mod. Leave moderation to the administrators and moderators. Don't take it upon yourself to correct another member's behavior/actions. Disputes over such faux authority can lead to further, unnecessary conflict. If you see a problem, private message the staff.

Don't post or link to obscene pictures. Don't post links or images which include adult or obscene content, this includes both real and cartoon porn such as hentai. This is a 13+ forum, not 18+. We have site readers of all ages, and we don't want to dissuade anyone from reading. Neither do we want angry parents emailing the staff.

Don't barrage new members with multiple links to the rules or long write ups on how to behave at the forums. The Introduction section is for new members to be warmly welcomed to the forums. A link to the rules (or FAQ) needs to be posted once and once only. Anything beyond that will be seen as backseat modding.

Donít reply to spambots. When you stumble across a topic and you know that it is the work of a spambot, the worse thing you can do is replying in that thread. It only encourages them to come back. The staff will take care of them, so DO NOT reply to them.