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Shippuuden Episode 355 Airs
Topic Started: Mar 13 2014, 11:02 AM (874 Views)
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Paperwork Kage
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Yamato wearing that light colored cloak really makes me hope for the ANBU Captain at the first Edo Tensei fight to finally pay off.

Still a little weird they're sticking with the young Kakashi VA, since he would be around 17 here. "Three years later" seems like the perfect excuse to finally have his voice change.
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Agree on the voice Shikamaru. Still this was a good episode, I liked it better than the special last week, even though Hiroyuki Yamashita animated some of those fights. Fight was good between Yamato and Kakashi, and the ending was nice with the white snake in the tank. I'll give this one a 9/10.
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The beast that defies human understanding
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A good episode, better than last week. I enjoyed when they talked about Yamato's entry to the AMBU. One of my favoirite things about this arc is the conflicts between Hiruzen and Danzo. Danzo trying to one-up Hiruzen, then Hiruzen implies he knows that Danzo is out to get him and that Danzo is a bad person.
Did anyone notice on the "Next time on Naruto Shippuden" that Kakashi's Mangekyo sharingan looked like Madara's Mangekyo Sharingan. I watched it on my phone so it may just be me.
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Lunacy Divine
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So it's as I predicted a few weeks ago - Danzou really did keep Yamato's existence under wraps, which explains why Orochimaru wasn't aware there was a survivor among his experiments until Shippuuden's second arc.

This also marks the first timeline appearance of Orochimaru's white snake form. Looks like he successfully transfigured his whole body during those previous three years.
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Rikoduo Sennin
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Decent fight between Kakashi and Kinoe. Danzou must have deep faith in Kinoe's ability to execute his Mission against a Ninja like Kakashi or maybe he was hoping Kinoe would use his relationship with Kakashi to attack when he is least expected.

So Danzou have Shishou's eyes, that would mean he already has Hashirama cells on his arm. As regards timeline- I thought Shishou and Kakashi were age mates that would make Itachi three years younger, but itachi look a lot older when he took shishou's eyes/ help him fake his death. Sasuke was even supposed to be around Kinoe's age by then. Unless that wasn't shishou's eyes. Had shishou gone to his clan with only one eye-inter villiage war would have been unavoidable.
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Weird thought I posted yesterday.
Anyways, not sure how I feel about this episode.
It seems Yamato was like an adopted son to Danzo and their strong relationship is mentioned... now?
Also didn't see the point to the random Orochimaru snake form at the end. They're just setting up another plothole to be filled next episode.
Honestly, I was hoping that they would move away from the Kakashi-Yamato-Orochimaru aspect this episode and expected more from this. Ah well, 8/10
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Mangekyou Sharingan
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How sneaky of Kinoe to try to use his past relationship with Kakashi in order to fulfill his mission of stealing his Sharingan. I enjoyed the fight between these two. It really felt like a fight between ninja since they used some tactics, ninja weapons and stealthy moves. We didn't see too many of the big flashy techniques we have become accustom to from this series. As the fight progressed I couldn't help but wonder when Kinoe's teammate would step in to help.

It was nice getting to see more of Kinoe's history. It was explained why Orochimaru didn't know about him until the second part of the series. I never expected Danzou and Kinoe to have such a strong relationship. I mean Danzou personally took him under his wing. It would have been nice if this was mentioned back when Sai, Danzou and Yamato were all first introduced. Although it's understandable since the animation team just thought of this storyline recently.

It looks like we are back to some quality filler material now that the filler characters are gone. I agree with Shikamaru about Kinoe wearing the light colored cloak and about Kakashi's voice. Even though it was for a moment I still thought it was interesting to see a young Yuugao make an appearance. Speaking of appearances the one made by Orochmaru's snake form was neat.

Episode gets a 9.
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