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How do you rate Konoha's founding?
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Shippuuden Episode 369 Airs
Topic Started: Jul 24 2014, 12:10 PM (818 Views)
Lunacy Divine
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Ivalician Dark Knight
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Pretty cool episode. I really liked that filler scene showing Hashirama and Madara interacting with the villagers.

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Agreed Lunacy. That was a nice touch, glad to see some stuff expanded from the manga. On the other hand, i didn't like the reuse of things we saw the last few episodes already. Artwork and animation were ok for an outsource. The fight overall at the end was done pretty well. Also a pretty big episode in terms of the series overall as Madara decides to leave the village to start his new dream. 8/10
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Glad the anime actually shown how Hashirama actually beat Madara. Especially since at the time they made EMS seem unbeatable also the fact of the Kyuubi being a 50 foot monster filled with virtually infinite chakra.
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We Have Come To Terms
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Haven't logged in in a while, but this episode made me...I really enjoyed this backstory of Hashirama and Madara. The interaction and the emotion of both of them and the world around them, which really shaped them...I was almost of the mind of this is where the series should have started!!

Epic battle too...thinking about this in comparison to Hashirama's Edo battle with the Third many moons ago, makes me a have totally different respect for him.
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Mangekyou Sharingan
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I liked the additional scenes with Madara and Hashirama walking through the village. Poor Madara ended up scaring that kid he helped up after they fell down. The guy just couldn't catch a break. The events shown in this episode give fans a clearer view of why Madara left the village and turned out the way he did.

It was cool to see the continuation of the fight between Madara and Hashirama. That was where Hashirama's flashback started. I thought that we might have actually seen the Kyuubi get sealed into Mito after Hashirama subdued him but that didn't happen.

Overall I was pleased with this episode. I thought it was neat to see the other first Kages in color. I believe their appearance was shown sooner in the anime than it was in the manga. On the downside I could have gone without seeing flashbacks to material just shown within the last few episodes.

Episode gets an 8.
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Heartbreaking episode. Some of Kishi's best writing came from the exploration of the founding of Konoha, and it was lovely to see some things added to the chapter.
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Rikoduo Sennin
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Well animated chapter. The only hitches were the flashback involving recent materials/episodes- maybe they did that because of pacing.

We can summarise Madara's fall to the darkness with one word "Tobirama". Tobirama kill Izuna, Tobirama shares Hashirama's affection with him, Tobirama talked Hashirama from making Madara the first Hokage (even though Madara's face is scary), Tobirama is a threat for Madara's Second Hokage ambition, Tobirama is a threat to the Uchiha clan (the only thing Madara cared about after his brother), Thanks to Tobirama- Hashirama took the Uchiha clan's love away from him. Hence, Madara regretted giving Hashirama options earlier, he wanted Tobirama dead but he has to pass through Hashirama first to get to him.

The Most epic fight for the Shippuuden series (it reminds me of Naruto vs Sasuke- the valley of the end). Hashirama is ridiculously powerful. He took out both giant Kyuubi and Perfect Susanoo in one move each. The look on Madara's face during both attack was priceless! Having taken out Madara's trump card, Sage mode + Giant Buddha + Golem/Dragon + Variety of Wood jutsu to choose from, If Hashirama decides to fight only in taijutsu that will be an act of Mercy on his part!
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